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  • 光纖和電纜管理解決方案

    Data Center Physical Layer Infrastructure Solutions

    Mapping Cisco into PANDUIT Physical Layer Infrastructure Solutions
     Mapping Cisco Nexus, Catalyst, and MDS Logical Architectures into PANDUIT Physical Layer Infrastructure Solutions. The growing speed and footprint of data centers is challenging IT Managers to effectively budget and develop reliable,high-performance, secure, and scalable network infrastructure environments. This growth is having a direct impact on the amount of power and cooling required to support overall data center demands.
    Selecting Small Form Factor Connectors for Fiber Optic Equipment and Infrastructures
     Executive Summary.The analysis presented herein highlights the weakness of the MT-RJ in infrastructure applications in terms of channel and return loss and its mechanical and reliability shortcomings in fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD) applications. These are the very areas where the combination of the FJ? OPTI-JACK? Module in FTTD and the LC Connector in infrastructure patching/cross connect excel.

    Cable Management Rack Systems

    1.Stackable Cable Rack Spacers
    Easy Installation - Secure to ladder rack with standard cross section cable ties (PLT1.5S-C0 or PLT2S-M60).
    2.Hook and Loop Cable Ties
    Soft premium material is safe to use on high performance cabling
    3.Easy-Mark Labeling Software

    Manage critical infrastructure components with labels generated Software.

    4.labeling and dentification
    For compliance with the TIA/EIA-606-A standard, PANDUIT has the solution.
    5.Cable Ties and Marker Plates
    PANDUIT provides custom imprinting services on its cable bundling products for improved safety .
    6.Cable Support System
    Cable Support System is designed to provide a competitive alternative to metal J Hooks for routing cables
    7.Cable Routing System
    A Cable Routing System is a collection of channels, fittings,and mounting brackets that can be assembled to createa structure

    Data Center Solutions

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